Chardon-May, Our Favorite Chardonnay

When we came up with the idea for Chardon-May, I wanted to find wines from less common growing areas than most people are familiar with for Chardonnay. We have enjoyed Chardonnay on many occasions and it is a wine that can range in flavor quite a bit. I was also curious how many of them would be lighter and fruitier than the heavily oaked versions we knew from California. Read More…

Best of the Blog~Cheeses

We bring our month of celebrating WineAndCheeseFriday’s Five Year Anniversary to a close with our favorite cheeses. Anyone you ask will tell you how much I ❤️ Cheese! Typically when we create our entries, we both know that I’ll love the cheese and critically analyze the wine. Not really sure why that is but I certainly look forward to trying many new cheeses (and wines) in the future. Read More…

Best of Blog~Entries

We continue celebrating 5 years of Wine and Cheese Friday with our favorite entries. We chose these entries by the total experience we had during the pairing or tasting. When Maria made her choices she kept changing her favorites but I guess that means we’ve had some really good experiences! Read More…

Best of the Blog~Wines

We’ll be celebrating 5 years of WineAndCheeseFriday all month long! We’ve tasted a lot of wines along the way (see the comprehensive list in our slideshow entry) and have compiled our top 5 wines each. As you can imagine this was a task but it’s always fun to go back and reread some of this older entries! Also it’s a great way to identify those wines that we should look for again. Read More…

Wine & Cheese Contest


Post your favorite Wineandcheese pairing and Tag @winecheesefri (on Instagram for a chance to win a wine and cheese T-shirt similar to these!

The contest lasts until Sunday 7/23 at 1159pm PST. Winner will be announced on National Wine And Cheese Day



Cheese with stuff in it or around it

Have you ever had a cheese with fruit inside of it or maybe one that was coated in black pepper or herbs? If this sounds tasty to you, we’ve created a whole collection of cheeses with “stuff in it or around it” in the form of a Pinterest Board. Check it out here:

Petite Sirah and Super Berries Chocolate Bar

We found this wine at Vino Simpatico Wine Shop in Pasadena, FL. ( They just happened to have a bottle open to taste from their event the night before. Neil couldn’t believe what a big wine it was, considering that it had already been open for a day. Since he was enjoying it, his mom found a bottle of the Petite Sirah on the shelf and purchased it for him. We had been saving the wine for a day when we could really relax and enjoy it. During our grocery shopping at Aldi, we found this Super Berry Chocolate Bar and thought it would complement the rich, dark wine nicely. Let’s see if we were correct? Read More…

Making Mulled Wine and Cheese Fondue

This Christmas season, we planned to make some mulled wine for Christmas Eve. Many of my readers know how much I like Trader Joe’s and they just happened to carry a juice called Winter Wassail. This seemed like a familiar word I’d heard in a Christmas carol but what does it mean? According to Wikipedia, the house-visiting wassail is the practice of people going door-to-door, singing and offering a drink from the wassail bowl in exchange for gifts. Well that sounds fun! And it was so easy, we just had to add some red wine and warm it up!
Read More…

Italian Wines on Pinterest

Check out this Pinterest board for Italian wines that we’ve tried for WineAndCheeseFriday, They are available for sale from Sommly, Trader Joe’s, Aldi and BevMo. See some of the pins for purchase information. Other pins include tasting notes and links to wine and cheese pairings to try out.

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