Making Mulled Wine and Cheese Fondue

This Christmas season, we planned to make some mulled wine for Christmas Eve. Many of my readers know how much I like Trader Joe’s and they just happened to carry a juice called Winter Wassail. This seemed like a familiar word I’d heard in a Christmas carol but what does it mean? According to Wikipedia, the house-visiting wassail is the practice of people going door-to-door, singing and offering a drink from the wassail bowl in exchange for gifts. Well that sounds fun! And it was so easy, we just had to add some red wine and warm it up!
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Italian Wines on Pinterest

Check out this Pinterest board for Italian wines that we’ve tried for WineAndCheeseFriday, They are available for sale from Sommly, Trader Joe’s, Aldi and BevMo. See some of the pins for purchase information. Other pins include tasting notes and links to wine and cheese pairings to try out.

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Watch me taste Wine and Cheese, Live!

Have you ever tasted wine with Maria and Neil? Maria will be taking part in a live Wine and Cheese Pairing this coming Sunday, 9/18 at 830pm Eastern Time. Would you like to watch? Click this link for your free ticket, We’d love your support for WineAndCheeseFriday! is now live!

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Tasting Wine Ice Cream by Winey Munkies

This week’s WineAndCheeseFriday entry, Tasting Wine Ice Cream by Winey Munkies, will wrap up our series of “Wine Fun” in Reno. Neil and I have never tried wine ice cream before but were curious when we saw the Winey Munkies food truck at Food Truck Friday, at the beginning of our trip to Reno. Although we didn’t try it that night, I was still thinking about it a few days later so I found the Winey Munkies Facebook page, and contacted them to see where they would be next? I’d be able to find them at Food Truck Friday the next week so I made a plan to head out there.

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Dorinda’s Chocolates

Last week we told you that we had tons of “wine fun” while we were in Reno, so here’s your next entry. Dorinda’s Chocolates ( was next door to Hub, the coffee shop where we spent a bunch of time working in Reno. On our first day there, I was gazing out the window and noticed the menu hanging on the wall for Dorinda’s. There were wine flights and wine and chocolate pairings so obviously I made my way over there pretty quickly. We spoke to Dorinda, the owner, and she let us know that they had a weekly wine and chocolate pairing event on Thursday’s so the plan was set.

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Best of the Best of Berkeley

Our next stop in California was San Francisco. We spent about 4 or 5 days with our friends Geoff and Becky, who love food, wine and creating a grand feast! We felt it was only appropriate to share a wine and cheese pairing with them. Little did we know, we’d have all the freshest ingredients available to us in Berkeley, CA. We spent an entire day gathering all our supplies in a number of specialty shops.

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Vineyard Netting, up a Giant Hill!

Next task up for Sol Rouge is fixing the vineyard netting. We visited the Sol Rouge Vineyard last year in order to help at the beginning of harvest ( and that was our introduction to vineyard netting. The purpose of the netting is to cover the vines while they have fruit in order to prevent the birds from eating the grapes. Instead of taking the netting down during the harvest, we bundled it and tied it to the posts up and out of the way of the harvesters.

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Wine Bottling…for Fourteen Hours!

Our first act for the Sol Rouge Vineyard and Winery was wine bottling! While Maria was working in the wine industry in San Francisco, she helped with this job a few times, but this would be Neil’s first time bottling. It always proves to be a VERY LONG DAY, but we love those new wine experiences.

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