Wines of Instagram

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In December each year, we come up with some wine compilation entries to showcase some wines we tried throughout the year. This year we posted quite a few wines to Instagram that you might not have heard about. If you have an Instagram account, follow us @winecheesefri. If you don’t use Instagram, you’re in luck because you can still see our posts below. There’s even a direct link to each post if you want to read through the comments or see a little more about each one. Read More…

Sensory Surprises

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Did you ever purchase a wine, only to find out it tastes or smells much different than it’s label states. Or think, this is cheap and it can’t be good. Or maybe you think Cabernet Sauvignon is always dry and it’s not really for you? These wines were all Sensory Surprises for us. It was pretty funny too, how almost all the senses were affected. We hope you enjoy reading through these wines that we tasted throughout the year. Read More…

Malbec and Fontina

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We know how much Linda, Neil’s mom, enjoys wine so we did a second WineAndCheese while we were with her in Florida. That’s what we’ll be discussing today. The wine of choice: Malbec. For some reason, it is not one I see all that often in California so I wanted to get a better idea of the characteristics of this type of wine.

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