Gavi and Morbier

We chose this weeks WineAndCheeseFriday wine by a recommendation from Li at The Wining Hour. I asked her one day during #WiningHourChat on Twitter, “What Italian wine I should try?” and she suggested Gavi. I was so excited to find it during my last trip to Trader Joe’s. She told me it was a dry white wine that she liked but I didn’t really remember much else, so it kind of left our cheese options open. Read More…

Mbali Chenin Blanc/Viognier and Herbed Goat Cheese

When we last visited Trader Joe’s we saw this white blend from South Africa. Since we haven’t had many South African wines, we figured we’d give it a try. The salesperson said it would be a good wine to enjoy in the Florida sunshine. Not being familiar with these varietals, we googled what type of cheese would work, and chose herbed goat cheese. Let’s see if we made the right choice? Read More…

Pecorino and Pecorino

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We promised more wines from West Palm Wines and here you go! During our trip there, we saw this Pecorino wine and knowing there is a Pecorino cheese, I had to get it for a WineAndCheeseFriday Pairing. The cheese is Pecorino Romano and you’ve probably already guessed that we found it at Trader Joe’s. We did try out another store first but they didn’t carry it. We should have just gone to our old standby to start. I was so curious to see what the link between the wine and cheese would be for them both to be named Pecorino. I thought it might have been where they are from in Italy. Read More…

Wines We Drank in 2016

Raise your hand if you want drinkable dinner wines that don’t break the bank ?, I know we do! We’ve been in Florida for about 6 months now and finding those tasty, inexpensive, uncommon wines is always our task at hand. This being said, we have found quite a few around the area at Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Walgreens and a small specialty shop called West Palm Wines. Join us as we taste through about a dozen examples. Read More…

Making Mulled Wine and Cheese Fondue

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This Christmas season, we planned to make some mulled wine for Christmas Eve. Many of my readers know how much I like Trader Joe’s and they just happened to carry a juice called Winter Wassail. This seemed like a familiar word I’d heard in a Christmas carol but what does it mean? According to Wikipedia, the house-visiting wassail is the practice of people going door-to-door, singing and offering a drink from the wassail bowl in exchange for gifts. Well that sounds fun! And it was so easy, we just had to add some red wine and warm it up!
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Prosecco and Cranberry Chévre

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The Fearless Flyer came in the mail from Trader Joe’s ( and we instantly found what we’d be bringing to Thanksgiving. There was not only a magnum of Prosecco but a chèvre coated in cranberries, done! We’ve had really good luck with the quality of wines and cheeses there and buy them pretty often. We had never tried this Prosecco or cheese before but they looked so tasty and great for the holiday! Read More…

Italian Wines on Pinterest

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Check out this Pinterest board for Italian wines that we’ve tried for WineAndCheeseFriday, They are available for sale from Sommly, Trader Joe’s, Aldi and BevMo. See some of the pins for purchase information. Other pins include tasting notes and links to wine and cheese pairings to try out.

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Cheese Pair Down has aired on the Wine101 Show

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Join Chris Fiore from Wine School 101 ( and Maria Ferraro Beardsley from WineAndCheeseFriday ( as they discuss Wine, Cheese and how they both got into the industry! It’s a great conversation complete with Wine and Cheese tasting notes, Italians talking with their hands, and Neil fielding tech and chat questions. Hope you enjoy the fun too! Read More…

Salice Salentino Red Wine

This week’s WineAndCheeseFriday entry stemmed from curiosity, like most of our entries. The first time we tried Salice Salentino, it was a bottle we had picked up at Trader Joe’s since it was an inexpensive Italian wine that we didn’t know. We decided to have it with dinner and found it to be a very easy to drink wine. We had it a few times more until I decided to feature it in my “Search for an Inexpensive Dinner Wine at Trader Joe’s” entry: We knew we liked it but until then had never really taken the time to write tasting notes.

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The Search for an Inexpensive Dinner Wine at Trader Joe’s

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In San Francisco, Neil and I lived right down the road from Trader Joe’s. Any of you that shop at this grocery store, would probably agree that they have a pretty good selection of inexpensive wines. Throughout 2015, Neil and I would randomly pick up a 5-10 dollar wine to have with dinner. Since so many of us are on the Search for an Inexpensive Dinner Wine, we thought you would all like to hear our results.

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