Wine and Handmade Cheese on the Train

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Well I promised you a cheese adventure so here goes!

We left Longmont, CO with our cheese in hand on the morning of September 30. We’d be riding the Amtrak train all day (11 hours) heading to Grand Junction, CO so we put our camembert into a lunch bag with some ice. We had already declared it ready to eat but our last few days were a bit hectic so we didn’t get around to eating it. Read More…

Wine In A Can

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Throughout 2019, we set out to find some canned wines. Yes it’s trendy but also convenient when you’re not  looking for a full bottle. Did you know that one can holds the same as half a bottle?

There’s also many times when it’s much more convenient to have aluminum instead of glass, like at summer concerts or while you’re camping. Join us as we explore this “much easier to carry” version of wine. Read More…

Wine in a Can and Wensleydale Cheese

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Have you ever tried wine in a can? We were at Trader Joe’s and came across this one by Underwood, We first saw it a couple months back and wondered how it might be? After passing it during our weekly grocery trips, we finally decided to pick up a can to try it. Only one can you ask? Well, it was $6 per can so we figured we could split one and have enough for a tasting. Our cheese, Wensleydale, is a holiday favorite of ours so we decided it was time to get some. We guessed that the cranberries in the cheese would pair nicely with the light berry flavor of a pinot noir. So without further ado, Pinot Noir and Wensleydale Cheese. Read More…