2020 Holiday Gift Guide


2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Quarantining/Social Distancing sucks when you love being social but that doesn’t mean you can’t share a little holiday cheer still! Looking for some quirky gifts to brighten the day of those #winelovers and #cheeselovers in your life? Let’s have some fun with some more unexpected gifts that they would appreciate. These gifts can all be ordered online through our affiliate partner, Etsy.

Find the links below for each item. And be sure to consider that shipping might be a little delayed this year with all that’s going on so order early so you don’t miss out!

Looking to go wine tasting or to another gathering where you’ll be wearing a mask? It’s part of our new everyday life after all. You may have joked about masks with straw holes before but they do exist. This one in particular looks the part with a fun wine bottle fabric. I’d say this gift is a must have for any of your wine drinking friends or family! Click the Etsy link for pricing and other fabrics that she has available.

Remember that holiday cheer that we were just talking about? This next gift can give you a surprise chuckle. At first glance it’s a dainty, vintage looking cheese knife, but with a closer look you see that it says “who cut the cheese?” We all know the person on our list that would love having something like this on their next cheese platter. Why not send one over to them this year? Click the Etsy link to place your order.

This idea came up by the fact that so many people are redecorating since they are spending more time at home. I bet you can think of the winelovers kitchen or dining room where these would fit in perfectly. Find your light switches, outlet plates and cable covers here at our Etsy link!

What a fun #wineandcheese themed gift! I liked the graphics of the wine and cheeses on this towel. If you’re looking for a cute decoration to give the winelover or cheeselover in your life, click the Etsy link here.

Do you love stinky cheese? It could be a washed rind, blue cheese or maybe you think swiss stinks. Why not celebrate stinky cheese with this silly skunk plate at your next gathering. Click the Etsy link here for ordering details.

This next present doesn’t really fit the idea of carefree holiday gifts but I thought they were pretty darn cool. Check out the Etsy link to see all the different non-cheese options for labeling your next charcuterie board. And if you’re looking for cheese markers, this seller has them too!

Do you have a hard time deciding what to serve when having guests over? Well these dice are here to save the day! Just give them a quick roll and you have both white and red wine suggestions, two types of cheese, and a few other items all listed for your awesome cheese board. Click the Etsy link here to see more details.

One of the things I liked about this #cheeselover shirt was all the options available! They have many styles including tanks, t’s and sweatshirts. So no matter where you or your friend lives, they could start using it now. Click the Etsy link to see the pricing and colors for this “cheesy” shirt.

Do you know somebody who likes to bring their wine and cheese on a picnic? Maybe they go on wine hikes, to the park, or to the beach to enjoy their treats? This picnic backpack would be perfect for them and includes all the necessary plates, tools, glasses, etc. All they have to go is grab the wine and snacks. Click the Etsy link here to order yours today.

If you like the wine and cheese dice, maybe you’d like something else in JoJo Fletcher’s Collection on Etsy? Check out her collection filled with all kinds of great stuff for your home.

We hope you enjoy our picks for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. Feel free to email us with any questions!

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  1. These are really cute ideas for gifts for anyone who loves wine and/ or cheese. Thank you for the suggestions. I wonder if there’s a shirt that says, “just a girl who loves wine”?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I checked out the supplier for wine shirts too. There are a couple but they don’t have the exact one for wine. They do have one that says “Ask me about wine”. Here’s the link if you’d be interested: https://tidd.ly/2Hqx5VG

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