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We continue celebrating 5 years of Wine and Cheese Friday with our favorite entries. We chose these entries by the total experience we had during the pairing or tasting. When Maria made her choices she kept changing her favorites but I guess that means we’ve had some really good experiences!

1. Cheese Tasting at Cheese Plus, San Francisco, CA
2. Dueling Merlots in Newark Airport
3. Bodkin Blanc de Sauvignon Blanc and Emmentaler Cheese with Benno and Nora
4. French vs British Cheeses at Cheese Please, Tampa, FL
5. Hawley Wine Tasting, Healdsburg, CA

1. Cowgirl Creamery and Point Reyes Tour
2. Sapphire Hill Food and Wine Pairing Lunch, Healdsburg, CA
3. Vino de Coyol and Para Derretir Cheese, Costa Rica
4. Making Goat Cheese with Belle Chèvre Kit
5. A Trip to the Luigi Guffanti Cheese Cave, Arona, Piedmont, Italy

There were a few that didn’t make the cut but I was certainly excited when Neil’s sister asked if it was time for WineAndCheeseFriday! And being the wine and cheese nerd that I am, I never pass up a chance to learn a little more about the winemaking or cheesemaking process. The ones that did make the cut will always be in our memories. How long have you been reading Do you have some favorite entries? Send us an email to tell us your favorites. We’d love to hear about them!

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