Central and South American Wines

Neil and I Have Now Spent over Three Months in Central and South America 1

Neil and I have now spent over three months in Central and South America. During our time there, we wanted to continue drinking wines but we didn’t know which wines to try. In order to showcase the variety of what was available while we were in Costa Rica and Ecuador, we created a new Pinterest Board, https://goo.gl/kCRHmt

We were excited to see that other Pinterest users have tried some of these wines and some were even pretty highly rated. It was also nice to find some of the same brands in Costa Rica and Ecuador, since neither of these countries are known for their wines. Most of the wines were found in local grocery stores but one was found in an Italian specialty shop and another on the roadside. What an adventure to come across this range of wines!

We hope you enjoy learning about them as much as we did finding and drinking them!

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