Chardonnay & Feta

Chardonnay & Feta 1

We consulted our handy list this week to find another white wine and found that it mainly has reds. No wonder we haven’t done much with white wine.

When choosing which Chardonnay to buy, this was a no brainier. Who can resist a smiley face?

So onto the tasting, Neil tasted citrus and floral flavors and Maria found it to taste like honey and smelled like Chardonnays she’s had before. In the past, Chardonnays have tasted sweet to her but this one was dry.

Something that seemed strange to Maria was that she could kind of taste yeast. This reminded her of when she was bottling wine at her winery job. One of those white wines smelled like beer but she figured it was just because she was around so much wine that day that it was amplified.

After the cheese Neil noticed a hint of oak and Maria found the yeast flavor to be magnified. The cheese was very good. Mild and flavorful!

What will we find for next week? You’ll just have to wait and see!

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