Fiesta Vino de Nance


Fiesta Vino de Nance 1

Our final WineAndCheeseFriday in Costa Rica is only wine. The time went faster than we expected so we purchased one final wine before we left. This wine is by a brand called Fiesta,, which makes many different fruit wines here in Costa Rica. This reminded us of Florida where you very rarely find a grape wine made there.

I had seen a few different apple wines since we came so I figured I should try it out. We drank it on our last night and only had a chance to drink a little. The rest will be a gift for the caretakers of our place.

The flavors and aroma were pretty obvious, Apple, but we did each have a few notes. I could tell it would be sweet by the aroma but it was also light. The flavor reminded me of burnt caramel apple with a hint of a bitter flavor and a sweet finish. Neil picked up some banana as well as the apple in the wine. He agreed that the flavors were sweet but not as overpowering as he expected.

Would we drink it again, not sure but we both liked it better than about half of the other wines we’ve tried here. It seems like it would have been good with a mild cheese, maybe next time?

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    1. Thanks for your question. Unfortunately we are not a wine distributor so we wouldn’t be able to send wine internationally.

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