Grilled Cheese Day

Grilled Cheese Day 2018 at Toast Paninoteca

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Today is Grilled Cheese Day so I searched online for the best place in Durham, NC to get a grilled cheese. Once I confirmed that we could turn them into gluten free treats, we chose Toast Paninoteca.

Toast Menu with Bottle of wine

After carefully surveying the menu, a few days ago. And then day-dreaming about it, we decided to get the crostini’s. Pretty much one of each. And we turned each set into a meal, adding soups. The soups were arborio rice with asparagus that was filled with Italian flavors; and spicy chick pea with escarole that had such a nice vegetable element to it.

Maria's plate 1-3 with arborio rice and asparagus soup

Here’s the list of what we tasted:
warm goat cheese, local honey, black pepper
It was sweet and peppery. The pepper and honey were really good together!

avocado, lemon, grana padano
This tasted really good! The avocado with cheese and olive oil were a great combo.

roasted beets, orange, mint, robiola
This crostini was so fresh and delicious; our favorite one!

Neil's plate with 4-6 and spicy chickpea with escarole soup
sicilian caponata, goat cheese, pine nuts
This dish is made from a cooked down eggplant that smelled sweet with savory flavors. It was such a flavorful dish!

herb pesto, mozzarella, roasted tomato
We liked that it was a different take on bruschetta.

garlicky mushrooms, thyme, gorgonzola
This one was excellent and so savory!

La Calle di Catocci, Toscana

We figured we should probably share a bottle of wine too, we were celebrating Grilled Cheese Day after all. The wine was La Calle di Catocci, Toscana. It was a young Sangiovese with notes of fruit and tar. Neil was pleasantly surprised how light it was. Perfect for a lunchtime wine! The wine got drier as we continued to taste it with food. It also caused the red soup to get spicier. After the garlic mushroom crostini, the wine had more berry flavor.

Although we only spent an hour there, it was so nice. We enjoyed the warm weather and all the amazing flavors. We’ll definitely be back!

Celebrating Grilled Cheese Day at Toast Paninoteca

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