How to Remove Wine Labels

How to Remove Wine Labels 1

As we close out our Month in the Vineyard, we’d like to showcase one more activity that we performed, Removing Wine Labels.

Enjoy the YouTube video we prepared describing the process in detail,

What you need:

  • dish gloves
  • flat razor blade (paint scraper)
  • car wash sponge
  • Goo Gone (Pro Power)
  • tray or container to dip sponge into
  • rags/towels
  • trashcan or large bucket
  • dry scotchbrite sponges
  • dish soap
  • paint roller tray
  • microfiber towel or lint free cloth
  • 4×4 posts or some other rack system
  • plastic tarps or old sheets
  • large sheet of cardboard


  1. Score label
  2. Dab Goo Gone on the bottle with sponge
  3. Lay the bottle on drying Rack/boards
  4. Wait 20 minutes
  5. Dry off the bottle (with Goo Gone towel)
  6. Scrape label with paint scraper blade
  7. Wipe the bottle with Goo Gone towel
  8. Wipe off bottle with green scotchbrite sponge (if necessary)
  9. Clean the bottle with soapy water in paint tray
  10. Wipe the bottle with micro fiber towel
  11. Air dry

Our stats to complete 100 cases of wine:

87 man hours (includes set up, clean up and transportation)

around 10 pairs of dish gloves

3 bottles of GooGone

shreds of labels popping up all over our path (and stuck to our pants and shoes)

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