It Was a Wine Centered Weekend! (Part 1)

It Was a Wine Centered Weekend! (Part 1) 1

Friday night at The Bluxome Street Winery, Saturday at “Uncorked”, and Sunday night at The Pour House.

I have officially started my job search in San Francisco. Since I am looking for a position in a winery that I can play an active part with many roles, I hit the streets to see what was available. For more information about my previous work experience, check out this link (

Friday night is our usual wine and cheese night so we began the weekend at The Bluxome Street Winery ( . I was greeted by Hanna in the tasting room, and she explained that the winery was started in 2011 and is bringing back the wine making methods of the old times. Winemaking actually began in SF over a hundred years ago but then the 1906 earthquake destroyed all of the wineries.

The building is very industrial, as it seems many of the buildings in that neighborhood (SoMa) are. There is a main room that serves a dual purpose of wine making room and event space. And the grapes are brought in from local vineyards.

I tried the white wine flight which included three wines all from Russian River Valley. The first was a Sauvignon Blanc with a nice smell and a flavor like honey. I could feel the wine in back of throat, so it must have been pretty dry. Something interesting I found as I continued to drink the wine was that flavor changed.

The next wine on the list was a Grenache Blanc, which was another new wine for me so I eagerly swirled the wine to see what I thought. It smelled kind of sweet, and tasted sweet, but can you say it tastes red? The grape is more famous for the red varietal. It reminded me of a crisp version of Concord . It was described by Hanna as love child of Sav Blanc and Chardonnay. It was most definitely my favorite one of the three.

The final wine was a Chardonnay. I’m still forming my opinion on this type of wine because it can vary so much from brand to brand. This one smelled crisp, but I didn’t get many scents. It was easy to drink, with a dry flavor that changed as you continue drinking. I found a honey flavor again, but it was while I was eating food from the boneyard food truck. We got a little sampler plate since it was around dinnertime and Neil suggested there could be honey in the BBQ sauce.

Neil wasn’t able to join me until later that evening so he only tried one wine, a Russian River Pinot Noir. He described it as smooth , with a medium body, and easy to drink. My impression was that it smelled good but was pretty dry.

Overall I’d say we enjoyed our Russian River Valley wines and look forward to our next time at The Bluxome Street Winery. And I dropped off a resume so we’ll see what happens there….

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