Petite Blue Triple Cream Cheese and ………?, 12/3

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When I was at work last night, I decided to try out a new way of wine and cheese pairing. We had some Petite Blue Triple Cream cheese leftover from our Wine and Cheese Friday, . Instead of just choosing one wine to pair with the cheese I thought it would be fun to guess which wine would pair best with the cheese, already knowing the cheese flavor. This cheese was pretty soft when we had it so I brought some pita from my greek lunch to spread the cheese on. I used my newly honed wine and cheese skills and set out…

The first wine was a not too sweet, not too dry, Sparkling Chardonnay. I had seen Brie and Sparkling listed on one of our wine and cheese lists so I thought that could be a good match? It was okay but the wine and cheese didn’t seem to work together.

Okay the cheese is a little funky, maybe I need some sweetness to balance it out? Wine number two was a Semi Dry Riesling, but it didn’t have the affect I was trying to produce.

Instead of going sweeter, I thought to switch gears and go more crisp. How about a Sauvignon Blanc? Maybe I need the citrus to cut through the cheese? The cheese was still too funky for this pairing.

I wonder how pairing a Roussanne would work? The one we have is aged in oak and the creaminess of the cheese and wine will probably complement each other? Yes this was the one, the wine and cheese are both so smooth and the caramel notes in the wine, were just what I needed to forget about the funkiness of the cheese.

This was pretty fun because I could just pour wine “tastes” and had access to a number of wines. I’d like to try this another time we have some leftover cheese!

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