Pinot Grigio and 2 local cheeses (Part 2)

In order to properly taste the next cheese we had some rice cake. The Gypsy Rose cheese is the second cheese we tried and it is found on the left in the photo. It has a washed rind and gets a pink color naturally. I found this cheese to have a strong odor; some of the smell comes through but it is not overwhelming. The Gypsy Rose had a hint of saltiness and reminded me of Parmesan, maybe it could be grated over pasta. Neil thought it was sharp, dry, and crumbled in his mouth. He would like to try it on a cracked wheat cracker.

Then we tried the Pinot Grigio and Gypsy Rose together. I felt a little of the odor was magnified with the wine and the wine seemed drier again. Neil was able to notice the fruit flavors in the wine.

So what were our final thoughts and impressions on the cheeses? Overall Neil really liked Gypsy Rose as a stand alone cheese or accent on meal. He would use Caravan as a replacement for Feta cheese and also suggested it on a grilled cheese. I really liked the texture and dryness of Gypsy Rose . As for the Caravan the saltiness was delicious and it was not too crumbly; a substantial cheese.

And the Pinot Grigio, Neil likes it, but he can feel the high alcohol percentage. I got an initial burst of grape flavor, under tones of flavors, but no dominant flavor. It was nice and mild!

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