Rosé and Jack Cheese

Rosé and Jack Cheese 1

This week our cheese is from California and our wine is from France. We had such a good time learning about French wines at Wine Riot we decided to try one out.

Upon first glance, the wine was very light, as is the European style. It smelled like Sauvignon Blanc with a hint of alcohol in the bouquet. Neil found his first sips to be impactful then buttery. Maria was surprised by the amount of flavor and tasted strawberries or maraschino cherry. The texture reminded her of a sparkling wine.

We both agreed that the Jack cheese was very mild, soft, light and creamy. When we paired the rosé and jack cheese, Maria felt the cheese was making the wine seem drier, but there was still a hint of strawberry. The flavor still tasted like a pink champagne and after trying the wine and cheese together a few times, she also noticed a smoky flavor.

Neil enjoyed the pairing of a mild cheese and flavorful wine. He said it would be a nice snack on a summer day. Maria suggested that the cheese would be better on a sandwich, it was too mild to have by itself.

A note about this wine tasting:
The strawberry flavor develops after you drink the wine. You need to sit and wait for the flavor to appear. Keep this in mind next time you taste a new wine.

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