Sauvignon Blanc and Chèvre

Sauvignon Blanc and Chèvre 1

For our second pairing we chose Sauvignon Blanc and Chèvre.

During our first sips of the wine, Maria noticed citrus flavors while Neil tasted subtle herbs.

The specific Chèvre that we chose was coated in herbs so we were curious to see how the wine and cheese would work together. We felt the wine tasted more tangy and had a little sharper flavor when paired with the cheese. In order to help us eat this spreadable cheese, we also included some bread.

The bread was a Gluten-Free Rosemary Focaccia purchased from Mariposa Baking Company ( Neil has an allergy to gluten so needless to say, this was exciting to find on our most recent trip to the Ferry Building. The flavor of the bread was delicious but slightly overpowered the lightness of the Chèvre.

Sauvignon Blanc is Maria’s favorite type of white wine so she was happy with tonight’s selection! We usually drink it with our seafood dinners though so it was nice to try it with cheese.

Stay tuned for next week’s selection.

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