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When Neil and I drink wine, we do it for the total experience of the wine. We love to smell it, taste it and think about the flavors. There are days when Neil does ask me, “Can we just drink this one?”, to which I say “No”, but he puts up with me. This is a collection of wines that made a pretty significant impression on us, enough for us to extend our tasting over multiple days. Do you subscribe to the theory that wine that was opened yesterday can’t be good any more? Many folks will tell you that certain wines need to breathe for a couple days or at least will agree that the flavors will change. That’s what this entry is all about, the evolution of flavors. Maybe this will inspire you to “Savor the Flavor” too?


Philippine de Saint Cyrille Grande Reserve Châteauneuf du Pape

Châteauneuf du Pape red blend
Philippine de Saint Cyrille
Grande Reserve

Day 1
waited 1.5hrs to drink
aromas: dry, stones, earth/dirt, black cherry, dark fruits
flavors: dry, licorice, cherry and raisins, dry finish, light texture

Day 3
Developed more fruit, earth is mostly gone now, definitely cherries
Still doesn’t really seem like Grenache or Syrah.

Final day
smells like berries, dark fruit now, still earth/dirt but much more mellow, finally some spice
Much more subtle, dry, black pepper finish.
Texture reminds me of Grenache kind of but maybe mainly Mourvèdre? Doesn’t really have flavor of Syrah either.

Dominico Clerico Visadi Dolcetto

Dominico Clerico

Day 1
aromas: rich, strawberry, dark fruits, some earth
flavors: dry, not as much flavor as aroma, high acid, graphite
Mark (salesperson) said it would be similar to Beaujolais of France since people drink it young

Day 2
aromas: dark fruit, licorice, floral, reminds me of Bordeaux aromas, Great aroma!
flavors: prune, dry but pretty darn good, dark fruits, some spice

Day 3
Seems pretty different to Neil today
aroma: smells milder, chocolate, some dark fruit but less, grapes, blueberries, earth/smoke
flavors: still dry, prunes, grapes, tastes lighter, tart-like wine grapes to cranberry
ring of sediment on the bottom of bottle

Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon
Charles Shaw

Day 1
Berry aromas filled the room
flavors: dry, earth, fruit/cherry, smooth

Day 3
Neil felt a bit passed prime tonight
aromas: prune
flavors: spice & tart, dark fruit, prune/raisin

Day 4
aromas: Raisinet
flavors: Raisinet & prunes

I thought it tasted like any other Cab Sauv but Neil said it was better than Charles Shaw should be and he liked it. After I tasted it again, it was better than those “suck your face dry” Cabernets. Neil’s Uncle Gale called it flat.

Viña Maipo Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon

Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon
Viña Maipo
Chile-Central Valley

Day 1
aromas: peach
flavors: creamy, soft, hint of tart, sweet/soft finish
drank with yuca, black beans and Tiburon

I asked Neil if we could stop drinking so we could enjoy it again the next day

Day 3
aromas: Mineral
flavors: more tart

I think my very buttery dinner was influencing the wine. The last sip of wine had a cherry finish.
Neil said “This rosé is great!”
We decided we will get it again!

2nd Bottle:
We had it again a couple months later and remember the dinner was really affecting the flavor of the wine again.
I was kind of surprised that we can’t have rich buttery foods with it.

Viña Maipo Red Blend

Red blend
Viña Maipo
Vitral Reserva
Chile-Rapel Valley

Day 1
aromas: meat, earth, dark berry
flavors: dry, earth, lively spice but then softer finish with earth, smoky, interesting fruit-blackberry.

had with chorizo
Neil likes it, best Viña Maipo so far

Day 2
aromas: candied prune
flavors: spice and earth still, black licorice finish


When we purchased some of these wines, we held them to a higher standard while others were purchased just on a whim. The CS we found in our Aunt’s bar downstairs. How interesting that with the different price points they all turned out to be so flavorful. We hope this entry proved our point that every now and then you should “Savor the Flavor” of your wine. They may end up surprising you!

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