Annual Wine and Cheese Party at Aunt Kathy’s

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It was getting close to the end of our time in Pennsylvania and Aunt Kathy turned to me and said “We haven’t done our wine and cheese pairing yet!” That was all I needed to get planning. During our next trip to Aldi, I found a couple cheeses I’d like to contribute. I grabbed a bottle of Prosecco too just to mix things up a little for this crowd. Then a few days later, we took a trip out to Reverie Creamery, our go to cheese shop in the area. We always enjoy their Tom but of course we started tasting and found two more to bring. Read More…

Boxed Wine and Moon Cheese

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Neil and I went camping over Thanksgiving weekend so we embraced the camping spirit and brought wine in a box and freeze dried cheese. We’ve heard the bad rap that boxed wine gets but this would be lighter and no glass to worry about, so we figured it was worth a try. I’m sure you are intrigued about the freeze dried cheese. We were in Starbucks ( and the title “Moon Cheese” caught my eye. What better time to try it than when you are out in the woods!

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