The Gruyère Experience in Switzerland, Part 1

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We came to Switzerland to visit Benno and Nora, friends we had met long long ago in Costa Rica. Back in 2015, she worked at a winery, and his family owned a dairy farm in the AOP region for Gruyère cheese. Then fast forward 7 years to today, and now they live on that dairy farm. Benno runs the show, caring for the cows, plowing the cornfields and potatoes. They’re full blown farmers. Read More…

Cowgirl Creamery Tour and Point Reyes

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Last week Neil and I made the trek out to Point Reyes in order to visit Cowgirl Creamery ( We started our day pretty early since we took the bus there, but it was only 2 different routes, so a pretty easy ride. I even had time to do some WineAndCheeseFriday work.

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