Cheddar cheese through the years

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Have you noticed that all of our November WineAndCheeseFriday entries have been tied to cheddar cheese? After learning all about cheddaring at The Art of Cheese we set out to find more cheddar cheese opportunities. At first we thought we’d create two cheddar cheese pairings each with a red or white wine. Then we found out our trip to Rogue Creamery would have a connection to cheddar cheese too. It only made sense to purchase some cheddar cheese while we were there and create a pairing with all our Oregon goodies, too. Read More…

Summertime White Blend and Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar

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When we paired the Summertime White Blend and Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar, it was an out of the ordinary warm day in San Francisco. So warm actually, that we couldn’t even stand to sit in our apartment. We proudly present this WineAndCheeseFriday from our fire escape.

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