ABC Fine Wine and Spirits Tasting

It’s been a few years since Neil and I have lived in St Petersburg, FL but we are in town temporarily to fix up our house. While we are here, we’ve been trying to figure out a good place to buy wine besides the grocery store. An ABC Fine Wines and Spirits,, was built down the road after we left and last week we just happened to find out that they were holding their semi-annual wine tasting. When we called the store about making a reservation, we found out there would be over 50 samples of wine and spirits. Obviously we planned to check it out!

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Top Wines of 2014

In order to wrap up 2014, we both took a look through the blog entries to find our favorites. I chose my wines by those that I either tried to buy again or continued to talk about long after tasting it. Neil found wines that he either really enjoyed on its own or due to the transformation of the wine with the cheese. Click on the wines below to see the original pairing and the wine tasting notes.

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Italian Wine Tasting at the Wine Club

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This week we hit the road to taste some Italian wines. We had been to the Wine Club back in July so we figured we’d head over there again. ( The tasting room section of the store is pretty small but the staff is always very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable!

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