FB Live Event for Wine and Cheese Day 2020

National WineAndCheese Day is every year on July 25.

Below is the video that aired on the WineAndCheeseFriday Facebook Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/wineandcheesefriday/ on July 24
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Cheese Pair Down has aired on the Wine101 Show

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Join Chris Fiore from Wine School 101 (http://www.wineschool101.com) and Maria Ferraro Beardsley from WineAndCheeseFriday (https://wineandcheesefriday.com) as they discuss Wine, Cheese and how they both got into the industry! It’s a great conversation complete with Wine and Cheese tasting notes, Italians talking with their hands, and Neil fielding tech and chat questions. Hope you enjoy the fun too! Read More…