The Gruyère Experience in Switzerland, Part 2


Our story left off when you had just heard that Maria was going to milk a cow that afternoon, won’t you join us as The Gruyère Experience in Switzerland continues! Read More…

The Gruyère Experience in Switzerland, Part 1

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We came to Switzerland to visit Benno and Nora, friends we had met long long ago in Costa Rica. Back in 2015, she worked at a winery, and his family owned a dairy farm in the AOP region for Gruyère cheese. Then fast forward 7 years to today, and now they live on that dairy farm. Benno runs the show, caring for the cows, plowing the cornfields and potatoes. They’re full blown farmers. Read More…

Trip to Hacienda Chan Chan, Chiquintad, Ecuador

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At the beginning of the week, we took a trip out to Hacienda Chan Chan, They are a dairy farm that recently started offering lodging for people who want a day, or maybe week, out in the country. It is located only about 45 minutes from where we are staying in Cuenca, Ecuador and can be accessed by one of the local busses and then a short taxi ride up a dirt road.

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