Pecorino and Pecorino

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We promised more wines from West Palm Wines and here you go! During our trip there, we saw this Pecorino wine and knowing there is a Pecorino cheese, I had to get it for a WineAndCheeseFriday Pairing. The cheese is Pecorino Romano and you’ve probably already guessed that we found it at Trader Joe’s. We did try out another store first but they didn’t carry it. We should have just gone to our old standby to start. I was so curious to see what the link between the wine and cheese would be for them both to be named Pecorino. I thought it might have been where they are from in Italy. Read More…

Zinfandel and Pecorino Romano

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We purchased a Zinfandel while we were wine tasting in Sonoma a month ago ( and decided to redo a Zinfandel pairing. During the last pairing, we really liked the cheese but found the wine not to be of great quality. (

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