Pinot Grigio and Chèvre with Herbs

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Since we’ve been in CA, we haven’t found many Pinot Grigio’s, so we decided to have one this week during Wine And Cheese Friday. This Pinot Grigio is from Italy, maybe there aren’t many produced here and that’s why we haven’t seen them? Most of our wine pairings involve red wines so this will be a nice change of pace.

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Pinot Grigio and 2 local cheeses (Part 2)

In order to properly taste the next cheese we had some rice cake. The Gypsy Rose cheese is the second cheese we tried and it is found on the left in the photo. It has a washed rind and gets a pink color naturally. I found this cheese to have a strong odor; some of the smell comes through but it is not overwhelming. The Gypsy Rose had a hint of saltiness and reminded me of Parmesan, maybe it could be grated over pasta. Neil thought it was sharp, dry, and crumbled in his mouth. He would like to try it on a cracked wheat cracker.

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