Domaine de la Becassonne Côtes du Rhône White Wine with Gouda and Double Gloucester

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Neil went out of town for work at the end of January so I figured that’d be a great time to have my neighbor Valerie over for some wine! We’ve done a few wine tastings together* and it’s always a fun time! She usually likes white wines so I thought this Rhône Blend would be something new for her to try. (Sadly, this wine is our final one from our Christmas present at West Palm Wines.) Without looking at the label, I gave her some varietals that would be in the wine and she set out to find some foods to pair with it. She was really into it and found the appropriate cheeses, fruits and even snack mix to complement the wine. Her research pointed her to Gouda, Double Gloucester and green and red pears. So without further ado, our night of wine, cheese, fruit and analysis! Read More…

Most Memorable Wines of 2013

In order to bring 2013 to a close, I decided to create a “Most Memorable Wines of 2013” list. These wines are all wines that made such an impact on me that I continued to talk about them after finishing the bottle. Overall, I really liked them but one that made the list, turned my stomach.

These are not listed in any particular order

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