A Visit Back to Rosa Fiorelli Winery, Bradenton, FL

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During our recent trip to Florida, I planned a trip back to Rosa Fiorelli Winery, my old stomping grounds (www.fiorelliwinery.com). This has been a hard couple of years for them with the owner, Antonio, passing away after his battle with Cancer. They are now following Antonio’s son Sal’s guidance and finding their footing without Antonio.

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Florida Muscadine White Dessert Wine and Harbourne Goat Blue Cheese

This week we are revisiting a wine from our past. Florida Muscadine, white dessert wine is produced by Rosa Fiorelli Winery, where I used to work. (http://www.fiorelliwinery.com/) This wine was one of our best sellers because the muscadine grape works so well for a dessert wine! It’s been a while since we’ve had it so I was curious how sweet it would actually be?

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