Two Oceans Shiraz and Grana Padano

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During our time in Costa Rica, I kept coming across a South African wine but never picked it up. Then after we arrived in Panama, I saw one here too and I thought, “Ok I need to get this.” In my continued quest to learn about new wines and regions I thought this would be our first South African wine but then realized there have been a few others. We are ready to learn about a new area, while we are in a new place. Speaking of that new place, Panama has been a place with the challenge of finding cheeses worthy of wine pairings. There’s a lot of cheese but it’s mainly processed grocery store stuff. We need to find a local cheese shop! That being said, this Grana Padano seemed the closest thing to something artisan around here. All we know is that it is an Italian cheese similar to Parmesan. Let’s see how they work together while we enjoy some Wine and Cheese with our new Landlady Pame (PAH may)! Read More…

Southern Hemisphere Vino y Cumpleaños Party

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Neil and I attended a friends birthday party with a wine theme. I could barely contain my excitement about tasting wines from all over the world! The theme for the party was wine from the Southern Hemisphere. It was suggested that everyone bring wine from South America, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand.

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