White blend, Sparkling Rosé and Two Monte Azul cheeses with Carol


We found a fellow WineAndCheese lover here in Quebradas, Costa Rica! Her name is Carol and she lives right down the road from us. Since she’s an expat, we can speak English, which makes it a little easier! We had already gotten together for wine and cheese before so I wanted to do it again as part of WineAndCheeseFriday. Also having some in-person time provided a nice break from all our Christmas video chatting. Read More…

Wine In A Can

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Throughout 2019, we set out to find some canned wines. Yes it’s trendy but also convenient when you’re not  looking for a full bottle. Did you know that one can holds the same as half a bottle?

There’s also many times when it’s much more convenient to have aluminum instead of glass, like at summer concerts or while you’re camping. Join us as we explore this “much easier to carry” version of wine. Read More…