Annual Wine and Cheese Party at Aunt Kathy’s

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It was getting close to the end of our time in Pennsylvania and Aunt Kathy turned to me and said “We haven’t done our wine and cheese pairing yet!” That was all I needed to get planning. During our next trip to Aldi, I found a couple cheeses I’d like to contribute. I grabbed a bottle of Prosecco too just to mix things up a little for this crowd. Then a few days later, we took a trip out to Reverie Creamery, our go to cheese shop in the area. We always enjoy their Tom but of course we started tasting and found two more to bring. Read More…

Kathy & Gale host Wine and Cheese night for the third time!

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Cheeselovers Day is only a few days away. What better way to celebrate than with a pairing of 4 wines and 4 cheeses! We did the tasting for this entry back in the summer during our visit to Lake Erie Wine Country. One of our favorite things about wine and cheese in this area is the Reverie Creamery and Market in Mayville, NY. They have such a great selection of not only their own cheeses but many of the big hitters too. We’ve made a trip out to this shop a few times along with our annual wine tasting voyage around the lake. Actually the tradition now includes the wine tastings, the visit to the cheese shop, and a group tasting with family. Read More…

Wine and Cheese Tasting at Aunt Kathy’s House

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We’ve made you wait long enough to find out more about the tasty wines and cheeses that we purchased during our trip to Erie, PA. ( It was such a fun night with 6 of us tasting wines, cheeses, and chocolate. When we came up with this idea with Neil’s family, everyone was excited to do some pairing so we ended up with 3 wines, 3 cheeses and chocolate. We didn’t quite have a formal pairing of everything by everyone but instead we let Neil’s Aunt Kathy, Uncle Gale, Cousin Diane and her husband Brian know how to proceed with the tastings. We like to take our time with tasting and then shout out any descriptions or adjectives to describe the wines and cheeses. This made it a little tricky for me to compile all the notes as well as do my own sampling but here’s what we discovered.

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