Di Bruno Bros Wine and Cheese

Di Bruno Brothers is a long time cheese shop in Philadelphia, but honestly we just stumbled on it last year during our first visit out. Since we liked it so much, it was our first stop upon arrival this year! We knew we’d be able to find all kinds of wines and cheeses to stock our fridge. Read More…

Pata Negra Reserva Tempranillo and Rosenburg blue cheese

After trying a few bottles of Pata Negra Tempranillo, we decided to have one for an official wine and cheese pairing. We’ve tried multiple vintages and styles so we wanted to share it with all of you! The cheese we chose was from Denmark, and we pretty much jump at the chance to have blue cheese, when we can find it. We actually figured out during the pairing that the last time we’d had blue cheese was with our family during the holidays. No wonder we were craving it so much. We present to you the pairing of Pata Negra Reserva Tempranillo and Rosenburg blue cheese. Read More…

Wine And Cheese Friday Celebrates 5 Years!

Maria and Neil have been reviewing wines and cheeses for 5 years already. In addition to their standard wine and cheese pairings, they’ve been on the quest for all kinds of wine and cheese experiences. They’ve gone cheese tasting, made cheese, tried some well-known and not so well-known wines, explored wine and cheeses from many regions of the world, eaten wine ice cream, paired wine and chocolate cake, played bocce while drinking wine, explored a cheese cave in Europe and visited a few farms.

They created a slideshow with behind the scenes moments for you to enjoy. Won’t you join us in our celebration of 5 years? Read More…

Wine & Cheese Contest


Post your favorite Wineandcheese pairing and Tag @winecheesefri (on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/winecheesefri/) for a chance to win a wine and cheese T-shirt similar to these!

The contest lasts until Sunday 7/23 at 1159pm PST. Winner will be announced on National Wine And Cheese Day