Wine and Bocce, Truckee River Winery

Wine and Bocce, Truckee River Winery 1
Wine and Bocce, Truckee River Winery 2
Wine and Bocce, Truckee River Winery 3

Since we are the Wine and cheese couple, we are always on the look out for new wine experiences. Over the weekend we visited Lake Tahoe for some much needed R & R. While we were there, we found a winery with bocce ball, definitely a place worth checking out.

Truckee River Winery,, has six bocce ball courts and allows guests to bring their own picnic lunch or to use one of the BBQ grills on site. Some friends recommended Morgans, a nearby lobster shack and fish market, to bring along. ( After enjoying our seafood picnic of a lobster roll and halibut salad, it was time for some wine and bocce!

There were seven of us in our group so we played a few games before the rain came. Between tosses, I tasted the wine to determine the flavors of the wine. We were drinking their Red Barn Red, a red blend that smelled light but tasted dry with some oak influence and strawberry flavors. Neil found it to be an easy to drink table red. A great wine to sip while you play bocce!

Neil and I were on a team during the last game and won by scoring four points in a single round, guess it was my “Thunderarm.” We had a great time but decided to call it a day so we didn’t get soggy from the rain.

Looking for another wine and bocce experience? Come out to Treasure Island, any weekend, to the tasting room for VIE. ( Delicious Syrah wines and 2 bocce ball courts right in SF. Not to mention great views of the San Francisco skyline and the Bay Bridge!

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