Wine and Grilled Cheese (Part 1)

Wine and Grilled Cheese (Part 1) 1

Over the weekend Neil and Maria had the opportunity to experience Wine Riot, a great wine tasting/education event sponsored by Second Glass. ( Wine Riot occurs in 6 states throughout the year so keep your eye for an event near you!

On Friday night we attended as volunteers. As a “floor volunteer”, we were responsible for making sure the wineries had everything they needed throughout the evening and answering questions from the guests. What it boiled down to was filling water pitchers, emptying dump buckets and checking on their ice. Not too bad and at the end of the night we got a free ticket to attend on Saturday. Oh and check out the sweet shirts we wore.

We’d definitely recommend doing it!

So what’s this about grilled cheese? Well when you drink wine, who doesn’t want a snack to go with it? The main food vendor for Wine Riot was The Grilled Cheez Guy. The line was huge both days and on Friday we must have walked past them like 20 times just admiring and drooling over them. It was a well deserved snack on Saturday when we went back to enjoy ourselves.

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