Wine and Grilled Cheese (Part 2)

Wine and Grilled Cheese (Part 2) 1

On Saturday night we arrived at Wine Riot with a plan of attack. There were around 40 different wineries represented from all over the world. We decided to visit the South African wines table first and then make our way through Europe, and finish out with the USA. This was a bit ambitious considering there were classes, a photo booth, temporary tattoos and don’t forget about our grilled cheese we had been dreaming about.

We did start with the South African wine, which included Chenin Blanc and Pinotage. Pinotage is specific to their area and is a grape crossbred from Pinot noir and Hermitage. Then it was onto the Italian wines. Lots of sparkling wines and although the dry ones were good, we really enjoyed the sweet ones.

We were able to squeeze in two of the classes next. One was about tasting the difference between oaked and un-oaked wines and the other about the Bordeaux region of France. The great thing about the classes was that they were casual and informative. It didn’t hurt that they served wines either.

After the information about France we made our way through the French wines. At one of the tables the lady shared some great food pairings along with what flavors we might taste. It was awesome!

As you can imagine, it was just about time for that grilled cheese. Needless to say, it was delicious and we could have probably eaten ten sandwiches each. Not sure what kind of cheese was in it but there were definitely a few different ones. Why are theirs so good? “They put a brick on it.”

The evening was about to come to an end so we hurried over to the tattoos and photo booth. Maria was excited to get an octopus with a wine bottle on her forearm but Neil held off on the ink. We finished out with our crazy photo and said goodbye to the event.

It was tons of fun and we look forward to the next. Thanks to Morgan and Tyler for putting on a great event!

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