Wine In A Can

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Throughout 2019, we set out to find some canned wines. Yes it’s trendy but also convenient when you’re not  looking for a full bottle. Did you know that one can holds the same as half a bottle?

There’s also many times when it’s much more convenient to have aluminum instead of glass, like at summer concerts or while you’re camping. Join us as we explore this “much easier to carry” version of wine.

canned wines-House Wine Rosé and Presto Sparkling Rosé

at British Invaders Concert in Durham, NC

House Wine Rosé Bubbles
Original House Wines
375 ml

Notes: a little sweet, smooth, light, flavorful and lots of bubbles

Presto Sparkling Rosé
Presto Prosecco
250 ml

Notes: dry and tart, mineral, reminds me of brut flavor, hint of fruit, hard to place-pops candy?, lighter bubbles 

canned wine cocktail-Pampelonne French 75

during a twitter chat, excited to find a wine cocktail
Pampelonne French 75 Sparkling Wine Cocktail
Joie de Vivre

Notes: aromas of berry, funk, NY/PA grapes, honey, and petrol; clean, tart/sour flavors, apricot, acid,
could see bubbles when I poured it out of can and feel bubbles on my tongue
Good, I’d drink again!

canned wine cocktail- Ste Chapelle Blood Orange Spritz

Neil got to try a wine cocktail in a can too
Ste Chapelle Blood Orange Spritz Wine Cocktail
Ste Chapelle
375 ml

Notes: a lot of flavor, very orangey

canned wine-Dark Horse Rosé

can of rosé at Taylors, didn’t want a whole bottle that night
Dark Horse Rosé
Dark Horse Wines

Notes: light berry aromas; crisp and light flavors, pretty good

canned wine-Crafters Union Rosé

on the train
Crafters Union Rosé
Crafters Union Premium Wines
375 ml

Notes: fruit aromas; honey butter, spice, acid, juicy peach flavors 

This wasn’t our first time with canned wines but a fun chance to try out a few different ones. We first tried Underwood Pinot Noir ( a few years back but it seems there are a lot more cans of wine out there now.

After writing out the notes for each wine, there’s definitely a theme of rosé wines. That wasn’t really on purpose but we did drink them during the summer months so maybe that’s why we were drawn to that specific type of wine. Or maybe there are more rosé wines available in cans?

Did you notice that some of our cans were shaped differently than the others? They do range a bit in size so pay attention to the ml on the can and do the math from the 750ml size of the bottle to know what you’re purchasing. I will say that just because it feels like a single serving when you pick it up, sometimes one can is too much for me.

After having tried a handful now, I think there are a few limitations to drinking wine from a can. They can definitely be hard to analyze, it’s not easy to find aromas out of that tiny opening. The opening on the can and the actual process of drinking them has some challenges too. We’ve spoken many times about how we choose to Savor our wines and the wide mouth cans make that a bit difficult. Also when drinking out of the can, there is a little flavor of aluminum. We’ve found it’s much easier to pour your can into a cup or glass for a better experience.

What are your thoughts on canned wines? Do you enjoy them? Which ones are your favorite? Join us again on WineAndCheeseFriday to see what topic we’ll be discussing next time.

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