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the results are in for Pinot November series

During our last WineAndCheese we determined the order of best wine and cheese pairings for PinotVember. Surprisingly we had the same results, top pairing was the Willowbrook Pinot and Camembert and then:

2. Ranch 32 Pinot and Petite blue
3. Alexander Valley Vineyards Pinot and Mozzerella
4. Kenwood Vineyards Pinot and Aged sheep Gouda
5. Francis Coppola Pinot and Manchego

We rated by pairings and how the wine and cheese played off each other, not by wine. The theme of PinotVember was lots of fun and I found out that my preference for Pinot Noir’s are fruit forward wines with a lingering finish. Neil was already a self proclaimed Pinot person but now I can enjoy it with him.

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