Allure of the Pour podcast with Lori Budd

Maria gets interviewd by Lori Budd

Maria takes to the airwaves with her first podcast! Lori Budd invited Maria to be interviewed on Allure of the Pour in celebration of Cheese Day. Wait you didn’t know Cheese Day happens every year on June 4? Well check out our podcast to see what else you might learn about cheese!

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Different Milks used for cheesemaking and examples
goat-chevre log
cow-cheddar, comte, mozzarella
mixed milk-luigi guffanti robiola called two milks, three milks, wensleydale-cow and sheep

other ones you might not know
buffalo, reindeer, camels and yaks

7 types of cheese, classified by rind and examples
Aged fresh-have a wrinkly rind around them-cannonball from indiana
Soft white rind or soft-ripened-brie/camembert
Semi-soft-munster, edam, could have orange rind-washed rind cheeses
Hard-parmesan, manchego
Blue-roquefort, gorgonzola
Flavor added-any of the truffle ones, we added coffee grinds when making it, other spices

Blue cheese can be made from any type of milk! It becomes a “blue cheese” by adding pennicillum mold to the milk and then “needling cheese at a certain point. Where those holes are is where the cheese grows the blue mold

reduces the acid in the cheese
helps mold grow better on surface like in those aged fresh cheeses

some cheeses named after the place they were made,

serving size 1oz, 28 grams,
learned about it at Durham Library tasting,
a wedge is usually 8oz

calories, these numbers assume 3 servings
Mozzarella – 257 calories per 100g
Brie – 343 calories per 100g
Gouda – 377 calories per 100g
Cheddar – 416 calories per 100g

Pairing Wine and Cheese:
the rule of what grows together goes together
sweet wine and strong cheese
sparkling wines cut the fat of the cheese and cleanse your palate

What Maria and Neil look for when pairing wine and cheese
will the wine change the cheese or vice versa? and on those perfect days, new flavors appear to further enhance the pairing

best pairing
Pandemonium White Blend & Double Cream Brie,

biggest disaster pairing
Pumpkin Wine and Fromage Blanc,

National cheese day is June 4
May, American Cheese Month
Dairy Month in June

Our calendar,

Curious what I tasted while being interviewed?
my wine: red blend from Cono Sur Cab, Carmenere, Syrah
my cheese: maduro caprino tomme from QM a costa rican brand

wine-fruit and lighter berry smell, lighter texture of wine but spice still there, then taste strawberry milk? earth black pepper, a little drier,
cheese-still funky, that’s not going away! seems thicker, less funk in flavor, more milky, still good

Cono Sur red blend and QM Maduro Caprino

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